About Us

Doodles may be a mixed breed, but they have such pure hearts! All dogs are the best! They are funny, loyal and remind us to live each day in the moment. My name is Nicole and Mabel the Whoodle is my dog. She has inspired most of the designs in the store. After grooming dogs for twenty years, it was time to retire, my body just couldn't work the same as it used to. Wondering what I should do with my time off, I got a puppy, a whoodle. Oh my, they are fun! Mabel reminded me how much personality the Doodles I groomed for so many years had brought a lot of joy to my life. I missed the dogs so much. I dove back in to my first love, art. While I enjoy watercolors the most, I found simple line drawings, and a cartoonish style represent fun character traits dogs have, and Mabel The Whoodle, the store, was born.

Finding original art that represents your Dog breed can be hard. Big box stores carry unoriginal mass-produced products, and don't cater to your specific dog breed.

Mabel has inspired drawings that Doodle owners recognize and appreciate as Doodle traits. Such as the Sploot and Sleeping Doodle designs. And we are adding new breeds all the time!

Proudly wearing your Dog Mom shirt to the grocery store or anywhere you can't bring your dog will show everyone how much you love them. You will bring smiles to people's faces and even start conversations with fellow dog owners. Hearing "What kind of dog do you have?" or "Your dog is so cute", sharing the love you have for your dog, never gets old.

If your dog can come along with you on that day's adventure or not, Mabel and I hope these designs allow you to show some dog love and support for our small business.